December 22, 2010

Lower two major heart attack risk factors with one nutrient

You probably heard a lot about cholesterol as a risk factor for heart attacks. But cholesterol isn't nearly as important as two other major risk factors. These risk factors are high levels of C reactive protein and high fibrinogen levels. Fortunately, you can help both of them with one powerful supplement.

C reactive protein is a strong marker for inflammation. And fibrinogen thickens your blood. It often becomes elevated with inflammation.

A study in the journal Renal Failure followed 36 patients on dialysis. The researchers assigned them to take carnitine (100 mg daily) or a placebo for 12 weeks. Those taking carnitine had lower C reactive protein levels and lower plasma fibrinogen levels.

Carnitine is a little-known but very useful amino acid. It carries fatty acids into your mitochondria (energy furnaces) for combustion. Here we see it also reduces inflammation. While the study did not measure blood viscosity (thickness), the results strongly suggest that it will reduce this major risk of vascular disease.

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Carnitine is not an essential amino acid, as your body can make it from lysine and methionine. However, production is slow. So this might be a good reason to consider it as a supplement.

You can find carnitine in most health food stores. But I've found it's more effective with other heart- and vascular-protecting nutrients. I added carnitine to a great nattokinase product at Advanced Bionutritionals a year before this study came out. And carnitine is also in Advanced Bionutritional's Ubiquinol as a key promoter of mitochondrial function. Both of these products offer better heart-attack protection than just carnitine alone.

Ref: Ren Fail. 2010;32(9):1109-14.

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