December 17, 2010

Is this the cheapest
way for diabetics to prevent kidney disease?

If you have type-2 diabetes, your risk of developing kidney disease is much higher than the average person. But an inexpensive vitamin may be all you need to prevent the problem.

A research team found that you can protect yourself with high doses of vitamin B1, thiamine. In their study, they gave participants 300 mg daily (100 mg, three times daily). To determine how well the nutrient works, they measured how much microalbuminuria (albumin) the patients lost during the three-month study. Diabetics develop kidney disease when they begin to lose molecules of this protein.

The results were amazing! The thiamine reduced albumin loss by 41%. What's more, 35% of patients with albumin stopped losing protein altogether.

Thiamine is essential for energy production and a host of other critical functions. This work mirrors that of Derrick Lonsdale, MD. He's a rather well-known, long-time promoter of thiamine. He said it worked wonders for a host of fatigue and metabolic problems. Diabetes impairs energy production and nutrient delivery. So this makes sense.

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Thiamine is cheap. The most active form of thiamine I've found is Allithiamine. I like to use it for neurological challenges, since it's far more lipid-soluble than regular thiamine. You can order it by calling 877-341-2703. I think 100 mg twice daily of this version of B1 will be as effective (or more so) than 100 mg three times daily of the standard variety.

Ref: ScienceDaily, December 17, 2008.

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