December 1, 2010

Your health just won a major victory in Congress

Congratulations! You did it! Thanks to your efforts, we have won a major victory for medical freedom.

As much as I rail against the government for its growing intrusions in our lives, I am grateful for the type of government we have. I'm convinced that the largest problem with our government is that it is largely ignorant about what YOU want.

Unfortunately, legislators almost always hear from corporate interests, or responds to crises. But with this victory in hand, we see that our elected officials will respond to us when we contact them en masse. Sadly, it doesn't happen all the time, as we saw with the horrible Obamacare bill. But considering the last election, they should listen better.

Several weeks ago, I told you about the draconian "Food Safety" bill S-510. This bill was full of some horrific provisions. It gave the FDA power to order mandatory recalls of supplements even over a simple mislabeling.

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It also would have been very hard on small, local farmers and producers. It included punitive prison terms of up to 10 years for food and supplement makers who violate complicated FDA rules - even if they did so unknowingly. It also made it nearly impossible for small farms and product producers to comply — meaning they would end up in jail.

After word got out, you deluged your Senators with concerned messages that Big Brother would be at our doorstep, even for the mom and pop orchard next to you. Thanks to our efforts, the bill that passed yesterday does not appear to have any of these draconian provisions.

It is unclear if the bill will ever become law. There's a report this morning that the House will block the bill because the Senate version includes new tax provisions. That would be fine by me. No good has ever come from giving bureaucrats more power over your health.

But the point is that you stood up and made your voice heard.  You flooded Washington with phone calls, emails, and letters telling them to kill the bill. Members of Congress heard you. And, thanks to your hard work, and that of Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa, we were able to avoid most of those horrible rules.

If you live in Iowa, please contact Sen. Harkin and give him your thanks for saving us from the worst of S-510. I know he will appreciate it. Perhaps he will become more responsive to your messages about a government takeover of medicine and food. (He was a proud supporter of Obamacare.)

And thanks to everyone else who is communicating with their Congressional representatives. It's time they acted as our public servants instead of our rulers. We see here our own duty to make sure that they stay in line, and that they will respond.

Thanks for your help in this matter. It was vitally important to your health.

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