November 26, 2010

The surprising cancer preventive your oncologist wants you to avoid

New research suggests your oncologist is wrong. For years, they've told cancer patients and anyone at risk for cancer to avoid soy. They think soy encourages cancer. But a new study suggests soy actually prevents cancer!

This surprising news broke after researchers followed 5,042 female breast cancer survivors for three to seven years. They assessed the participants periodically for recurrence. They reported their results in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association.

What they found will really frustrate your oncologist.

Those women in the highest quartile of soy protein intake had a mortality rate of only 7.4%. And their cancer recurrence rate was only 8.0%. Subjects in the lowest quartile had a 10.3% overall mortality rate and an 11.2% rate of recurrence. That means those in the highest quartile had a mortality rate 39% lower and a recurrence rate 32% lower than those in the lowest quartile. And, it didn't matter whether the cancer was estrogen-receptor positive or negative. What's more, they found the soy was beneficial in both users and non-users of Tamoxifen, an estrogen blocker.

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If Pharma got results like this with a patented profit-making petrochemical, you'd hear it blasted from sirens, not just on TV. Soy has isoflavones, nature's natural estrogen blocker. Why take the chemical Tamoxifen, with its huge risk of side effects and substantial expense, when God-made soy might do just the same thing? And it can do it without the risk or significant cost!

I think the healthiest soy is fermented, like miso and tempeh. All soy products you ingest MUST be organic, or it will likely be Monsanto GMO Frankensoy, which could promote cancer.

Finally, there is one soy product that deserves your attention. It's Haelan 951. This is a fermented soy beverage that comes in bottles. I've seen it (firsthand) remit a colon cancer (local) and a stage-3 breast cancer. The recommended dose is one bottle (8 ounces) daily for one month, then one half-bottle daily, then one-quarter bottle thereafter. How long you need to drink it depends on the results. I have a stomach of steel, but must admit this stuff tastes terrible. But it can work! If you don't like the taste, or find that it's too pricey (it is costly), you can use half the amount by rectal enema. You can find it on the Internet and in some health food stores.

Ref: JAMA, 2009 Dec 9; 302(22): 2437-43.

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