November 3, 2010

Your access to bio-identical hormones is disappearing

We've known for years that conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) causes disease. Studies prove it causes vascular disease, blood clots, kidney stones, and more. In fact, one new study shows that women who take synthetic HRT are twice as likely to die from breast cancer. I've told my readers for years to avoid these drugs at all costs. But now, the government may leave you with no alternatives.

Right now, the best alternative to synthetic HRT is bio-identical hormones, such as estriol. These hormones are the standard of care in Europe. In fact, most of the non-FDA ruled developed world knows bio-identical hormones are superior — and much, much safer.

But the FDA refuses to listen to anyone without a huge bank account. Despite the horrific dangers of HRT, and despite lacking proof of one single adverse effect for estriol, an estrogen your ovaries naturally produce, the FDA is working overtime to destroy your access to it. The FDA wants it off the market. That will leave you with no alternative to the carcinogenic Premarin.

But the FDA isn't alone in this attack. The Oregon State Board of Nursing is attacking it as well. On November 18, 2010 (two weeks from tomorrow), it will meet to draft final changes to the Nurse Practice Act. As currently drafted, this act will prohibit nurse practitioners from prescribing non-FDA approved drugs. This will include estriol and all bio-identical hormones. Keep in mind that the nurses will be able to prescribe the proven carcinogen Premarin, since it is FDA approved.

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These Frankenhormones are not the fountain of youth Pharma advertised. Quite the opposite. But the FDA listens only to money. It takes about $1 billion to take a drug through the FDA approval process. What profiteering Pharma company would want to take a non-patentable compound through the process? It won't happen. And your access to these drugs will disappear.

This attack won't stop in Oregon. If successful, this law will spread to other states, including yours.

Here's what you can do: If you live in Oregon, email the Nursing Board by following this link. Do not let anyone deny your access to the bio-identical hormones your body so desperately needs.

Ref: Alliance for Natural Health, October 26, 2010;

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