October 13, 2010

What Tim Tebow and stroke victims have in common

Tim Tebow is one of the most celebrated college football players ever. Now that he's in the NFL, his jersey sales have gone through the roof. But did you know that Tim Tebow does something after every practice that can help restore your vision after a stroke?

It's true! But before I tell you what it is, let me explain why it can help a stroke victim.

As you may know, strokes cut off the oxygen supply to your brain. They often leave you paralyzed and blind on the left side of your body. The blindness is a result of the oxygen deprivation.

Amazingly, a new study shows that the cells in your retina can survive a stroke. This is important, because it means there's hope we can restore your vision. In this study, the researchers simulated a stroke in mice to see the effects of oxygen deprivation on retinal cell survival. Surprisingly, even with prolonged oxygen deficiency, the cells survived. What's more, when they restored the oxygen, the eyes became active again and could sense light.

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This is outstanding news. The researchers said that completely or partially restoring the blood supply to the eye can "restore some visual function, even if this happens weeks or months later."

Retinal cells are actually brain cells. This strongly suggests that neurons can survive oxygen deprivation, including prolonged deprivation. It also means we might be able to restore them.

So what does Tim Tebow have to do with restoring your eyesight? After every football practice, Tebow sits in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for 60-90 minutes. He says he does so because it helps him heal faster. There are a lot of pro football players using these chambers now for this very reason.

I've used hyperbaric oxygen therapy for years. I can confirm that they really do help with healing. And they can help heal your brain and your eyes after a stroke. In fact, I once had a patient in Alaska named Bart. He came to see me two weeks after a stroke left him blind in his left eye. The stroke affected his occipital cortex (the back lobe of his brain). His eye doctors wrote him off as permanently blind in that eye.

I thought otherwise. I gave Bart intravenous DMSO and hyperbaric oxygen daily. In two weeks, we restored his vision nearly to normal! My hyperbaric oxygen and stem cell mentor Dr. David Steenblock of Mission Viejo, California, reports many cases like this as well.

If you have had a stroke, even if years ago, you might still have viable neurons that you can salvage with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Please find an integrative physician who does this therapy for assistance. You can find a physician at www.acam.org.

You also might try the Magnetic Molecular Energizer popularized by magnet guru Dean Bonlie, DDS of Canada (www.magneticosleep.com). This therapy exposes your brain to a strong magnetic field that can restore damaged tissue. I've written about this therapy in the past and will have more on it in a future issue of my newsletter.

Ref: Cell, October 16, 2009.

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