September 29, 2010

Stop ulcers and reduce
stomach inflammation
without antibiotics

As you may know, stomach ulcers are a very dangerous problem. They're extremely painful and can cause low stomach acid. They can bleed uncontrollably. And they can lead to stomach cancer. Researchers have shown how a possible infection of H. pylori bacteria damages your gut lining.

If you have stomach ulcers, most doctors will quickly give you a prescription for antibiotics. But you don't need drugs to control H. pylori. Once again, food can be your medicine.

This time, the food is our old friend broccoli. Actually, it's broccoli sprouts!

Johns Hopkins University, of all places, has conducted lots of research on broccoli sprouts. Their new study shows that eating just 2.5 ounces of broccoli sprouts daily had significantly lower levels of H. pylori markers in their stool and breath than those eating alfalfa sprouts. The former also showed less inflammation in the stomach as well.

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Unfortunately, after the patients stopped eating the sprouts, H. pylori markers returned to baseline levels.

These same researchers fed mice broccoli sprout smoothies for eight weeks. They had less damage from gastritis (inflammation of the stomach) and more enzyme activity that protects from such damage.

The authors couldn't say if these effects would protect against cancer. But it makes sense that it would. Chronic inflammation is a well-known cause of cancer development. Toxic chemicals and lowered oxygen (both cancer inducers) abound in inflamed tissues.

Action to take: Again we see the benefits of food for our health. Sprouts are among the most nutritious foods we can eat. They're chock full of nutrients. Broccoli sprouts are loaded with a particular compound called sulforaphane, far richer than is mature broccoli.

If you have stomach problems, please consider making these sprouts a staple in your diet. It might keep you from getting reinfected with H. pylori once you are rid of it. It might also lower your stomach inflammation regardless of cause. They're good for anyone with gastritis, ulcer disease, or perhaps even reflux problems.

Warner, Jennifer. "Broccoli Sprouts Good for the Gut - Compound in Broccoli Sprouts May Protect Against Ulcers, Stomach Cancer," WebMD Health News, April 6, 2009.

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