September 17, 2010

Why government doesn't
want labels on
genetically altered fish

I told you in our last health alert that Congress is considering a food safety bill that will greatly reduce your access to healthy food. Now the government is doing everything it can to destroy the healthy food market. And it's doing so under the guise of protecting you.

I've shown you in the past how the government stands idly by the use of toxic agricultural chemicals. Use of these chemicals is rapidly depleting our soils of vital nutrients. And the government encourages irradiation of food. It has fostered an unholy alliance with Monsanto in the marketing of Frankenfoods (genetically engineered organisms). Now, the FDA is prepared to allow the marketing of genetically engineered salmon.

Why is this bad? Researchers recently found that these farm-raised Frankenfish have elevated levels of growth hormone-like compounds. We know these compounds can cause cancer to grow faster. The genetic engineering in these fish causes them to eat constantly and grow rapidly. Does this sound like a healthy fish, containing higher levels of hormones? Do you really want to eat this?

It gets worse. The government will allow these fish to go to market with no labeling. This deprives you of your right to know where your food is coming from, making it harder to choose non-genetically engineered fish, like wild Alaska salmon. I believe it is criminal to prevent the labeling of so altered products. This action totally wipes out your God given right to informed personal choice — all in the name of profits and supposed protection.

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The company marketing these new Frankenfish is AquaBounty. I am against genetic food engineering in general. If these engineered genes escape into other wild organisms, it could affect the balance of life on the planet. The alterations in food may have disastrous consequences for the consumer, regardless of whether it's an animal or a human.

The FDA is going to hold public meetings about these proposed rules. I urge you to comment to the FDA. To voice your concern, simply go to this website.

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