September 8, 2010

Boost brain function with inexpensive oxygen therapy
you can do at home

As an oxygen-based physician, a lot of people ask me about doing oxygen therapy at home. With everyone tightening their budgets, it's a great question. And there are several answers. Multi-step therapy or exercise with oxygen therapy is one I just love. But now we've found out about an even easier solution.

Scientists have now confirmed that the special polyphenols in resveratrol, in doses you get with supplements (250 and 500 mg), can improve oxygen release and blood flow.

You read that right. With higher doses, resveratrol actually increased the blood flow. And it increases the blood flow — and the oxygen it delivers — to your brain. That boosts your brain function.

What's more, it did something I thought only oxidation therapy would do. It increased deoxyhemoglobin in venous blood. That means that your cells pulled more oxygen from your blood as it goes through the tissues. That is one of the awesome benefits of relatively expensive oxidation therapy.

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Resveratrol remains one of my favorite nutrients. It combats aging, diabetes, and cancer. Now we see more evidence of how it works. It is a supplement I recommend to patients on a regular basis. Advanced Bionutritionals makes an outstanding product!

Ref: Am J Clin Nutr., 2010 June;91(6):1590-7.

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