August 13, 2010

Four-food combination lowers cholesterol better than statins

You won't hear this from Big Pharma. A study on 34 subjects with high cholesterol found that all you need to do is eat four particular foods to bring your numbers down. These four foods will give you the same LDL-lowering ability as a statin. But they go one step further than the drugs.

The study found that just one gram of plant sterols, 21.4 grams of soy protein, 9.8 grams of soluble fibers, and 14 grams of almonds per 800 calories did the job. The authors conceded that this intervention could be a viable alternative to statin treatment, particularly the important small dense LDL particles, which carry the LDL risk.

I just love reports like this. First, diet and nutrition trumps the drug. Secondly, we know that statins lower LDL, but not the small dense (dangerous) LDL. So that's why statins just don't work. Yes, they lower cholesterol. But not all cholesterol is dangerous. Statins create danger by forcibly lowering cholesterol. So, your doctor gets all excited that he's doing some good. But in truth, he has deprived you of a needed chemical. And he hasn't even reduced the dangerous form of cholesterol.

But diet does the job. Plant sterols are abundant in veggies and fruit. They are also in legumes, nuts, cereals, and seeds. All of these provide abundant soluble fiber. And you can find soy in soy milk, tofu, tempeh, miso, soy nuts, and many other foods you can find in any health food store.

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You also can find plant sterols in supplemental form in Advanced Cholesterol Formula. We've had great reports from people taking this formula. And the plant sterols are a big reason why it works so well. Two per day should be plenty to lower your cholesterol — even the dangerous cholesterol.

Ref. Br J Nutr, 2007; 98(6).

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