July 21, 2010

The proven way to cure diabetes and lower your
risk of Alzheimer's

I've often said that Alzheimer's disease is really a different form of diabetes. I call it type-3 diabetes or diabetes of the brain. How can I say this? If you're obese, you're at a higher risk of memory problems, and quite possibly Alzheimer's disease. But what's the connection?

Scientists recently studied mice to find out. They've found that the hormone leptin may have something to do with it. Leptin tells your brain that you have had enough to eat. But is leptin the missing piece of the puzzle?

We already know that previous research linked low levels of leptin to brain plaques. In another recent study, mice that took leptin were more cognitively adept. And in a Boston University study, researchers found that 25% of those in the group with the lowest leptin went on to get Alzheimer's (compared to 6% in the highest). That's a stunning 75% reduction in risk if you have adequate leptin.

But why is leptin protective? We know that leptin levels are low in those with obesity. We also know that their insulin levels are high from overeating. Since Alzheimer's is a type of diabetes, the cause of the dementia comes back around to insulin. And it's possible the leptin protects against high levels of insulin, preventing a build-up of plaque.

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What does this mean for you? If you're overweight, it's vital you lift your leptin levels. You'll find a number of supplements on the market to do this. But taking a leptin supplement, isn't the answer. That's because you also have to modulate your insulin levels at the same time. There's only one way to do both.

I've seen many diabetics and Alzheimer's patients benefit from switching to the Living Foods Diet. So I'm convinced that this diet will modulate insulin and leptin. That is to say, since they comfortably lose plenty of weight, and are satiated, they must be making more leptin. And by eating this diet, they'll have less insulin. These are both good if you are concerned about lowering your risk for Alzheimer's.

I'll say it again. There is no treatment for adult diabetes other than cleaning up your diet. Drugs won't protect you from heart disease, even with perfect control of your blood sugar. That's because you are using drugs to force your body into a state of bad equilibrium. Instead, you should naturally balance your body with the Living Foods Diet. It's the best way to stop diabetes and prevent Alzheimer's.

Ref: Journal of the American Medical Association, December 2009.

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