July 16, 2010

How to cut prostate cancer growth by 50%

Did you know there's an easy way to slow prostate cancer by as much as 50%? And all you have to do is add one thing to your diet?

Researchers from U.C. Davis compared mice fed walnuts to those fed soy bean oil. Mice in both groups still developed cancer. But the cancers in the walnut group were 50% smaller than the soy group. The researchers believe that several components of the walnut were at work. One effect was that whole walnuts reduced a protein called endothelin, a substance that increases inflammation of blood vessels.

Another is a great ratio of omega oils. Interestingly, this confirms my reported suspicions on the ALA-prostate cancer controversy. In years past, some studies attempted to link higher ALA (omega-3) to higher prostate cancers. I always felt the studies were deeply flawed and told you so. Here we see the evidence. Whole food ALA, as in walnuts, may actually stop the growth of prostate cancer. It's not just ALA here. It's the fact that the ALA is unadulterated and packaged with the food as God intended.

Finally, at least these researchers stepped forward to laud the synergism of whole food components. They deliberately chose the whole food, walnut, to walnut oil. They said that the cancer-sparing properties of a whole food often disappear when they test a single component of the food.

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Now consider Big Pharma. These companies do the opposite. They remove what they think is the active molecule from a plant. Then they turn it into a synthetic chemical and patent it. They forget that nature packages it just right. For that process, they get rewarded with megabucks, and you suffer the toxic consequences. Clearly, molecules put together in nature work better than when we take them apart and repackage them.

If you have prostate or circulation problems, I suggest adding some wonderful whole walnuts to your diet. The natural vitamin E, polyphenols, and omega oils together might offer you protection in ways the orthodox physician could never understand.

Ref: Telegraph.co.uk 3-23-10.

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