June 30, 2010

Stop eye disease as you age with this great heart nutrient

A new study suggests the use of CoQ10 can prevent cataracts. Admittedly, this was a lab experiment. But considering the implications of sparing your lens cells from damage due to bright light, it's important.

In the study, the researchers incubated human lens epithelial cells with CoQ10 prior to white light exposure. The white light will cause cellular damage to the tissue. The vitamin significantly reduced phototoxic effects on the cells.

We know that CoQ10 levels fall with age. And, we know that cataracts increase with age. Along with green tea, I think CoQ10 is a star nutrient to retard aging across the board, from cataracts to circulatory to neurodegenerative conditions.

Please consider taking 50-100 mg daily of CoQ10 in addition to your normal eye supplement, such as Advanced Vision Formula. The form that is easiest to absorb is ubiquinol. You can order ubiquinol from Advanced Bionutritionals. You can order Advanced Vision Formula from Advanced Bionutritionals as well.

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Acta Ophthalmol, 2010 April 1;

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