June 16, 2010

Big Pharma finds another
legal way to kill you

You probably already know that acetaminophen, aka Tylenol, causes liver damage. Sometimes that damage is severe. Because this has been all over the news, some people think they can use other Big Pharma drugs instead. And many of them are dying for it.

That's right! Another Big Pharma drug is killing people (or causing liver failure) - and the news won't cover it. Diclofenac is a common prescription NSAID drug. And the damage can come very quickly. In fact, some cases of liver toxicity occur in the first month of treatment. But they can occur at any time.

Severe liver toxic reactions have come to light during post-marketing surveillance. Big Pharma is good at finding problems with its drugs long after it has reaped bazillions in profits. In the case of this drug, life-threatening reactions may occur without warning.

I have repeatedly said I see no positive use for this entire class of worthless poisons (NSAID drugs). It has been years since I have ever written an original prescription for one and I see a lot of people with pain and inflammation. Alternatives include polyphenols bioflavonoids such as Alginol, quercetin, enzymes like bromelain, neural therapy, oxidation therapy, and simply cleaning up your lifestyle.

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And on Friday, I'll give you another alternative that not only won't damage your liver, it could restore it to normal function.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Flapan, Deborah. "Diclofenac Linked to Liver Failure, Death," Medscape Alerts, 12/05/2009.

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