June 9, 2010

The heart nutrient that also helps arthritis and diabetes

You probably already know that CoQ10 protects heart and brain cells. It keeps them vital and free from degenerative changes. And you may know that it's the most important known nutrient for your energy furnaces, the mitochondria. But did you know CoQ10 is also a fantastic anti-inflammatory?

That's what new research suggests. In a new study, researchers fed mice a diet high in fat and fructose. This is a relatively sure way to promote diabetes and inflammation. Then they gave some of the mice CoQ10.

The researchers expected the CoQ10 to protect their heart. But they didn't expect this: Those mice that took the CoQ10 had their inflammatory and metabolic stress markers drop significantly.

CoQ10 should be on your daily supplement list. This is especially important if you have diabetes or any inflammatory condition (such as arthritis). My favorite is the reduced form called ubiquinol, as it's the most absorbable form. Advanced Bionutritionals makes a wonderful combination product of ubiquinol, alpha lipoic acid and carnitine to give you the greatest mitochondrial protection. Consider taking one or two tablets daily.

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Ref: Biochemical Pharmacology December 1, 2009;78(11):1391-400

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