June 2, 2010

This memory formula also lowers blood pressure and prevents diabetes

If you have diabetes and metabolic syndrome, you're at a significantly higher risk of having high blood pressure and other symptoms of heart disease. As you may know, metabolic syndrome (or pre-diabetes) means your body has become resistant to the glucose-lowering effects of insulin. So when your blood sugar goes up, your pancreas has to work overtime to make more insulin. And excess increases your risk of aging, cancer, hypertension, and death. That's why I call insulin (when in excess) the hormone of aging and death. One of my favorite nutrients just might help out this problem.

A research team from Italy found that an infusion of acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC) quickly improves insulin sensitivity in type-2 diabetics. So, they decided to find out if oral ALC did the same.

They took two groups of adults with insulin resistance, but normal glucose levels. They measured their glucose disposal rate (GDR), a measure of insulin sensitivity, and blood pressure. GDR means how fast you can lower your level of glucose. Low GDR means higher insulin resistance. Those with lower GDR (higher insulin resistance) had higher blood pressure at the start of the study, as we would expect.

The researchers then gave two groups 1 gram of ALC, twice daily by mouth. Their findings could significantly improve the quality of your life.

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Those with lower GDR had a very significant improvement in glucose tolerance. The ALC didn't raise GDR in those with better levels at the start. However, blood pressure improved significantly in both groups. All of the subjects had improved blood pressure that persisted even after they stopped the treatment.

Their systolic blood pressure dropped from an average of 144 to 135 in the lower GDR group. And the higher GDR group dropped from 130 to 123 on average. Diastolic blood pressure improved in those with lower GDR. However, after the 24-week treatment period, the improvement gradually deteriorated toward baseline over 8 weeks.

Furthermore, the ALC improved low levels of a molecule called adiponectin. This is a protein that protects you from atherosclerosis. It prevents the early steps in the progression of lipid accumulation and inflammation in your vessels.

One of the authors of the study said ALC is a convenient way to raise carnitine in your body. Carnitine is critical in mitochondrial energy production. Carnitine is necessary for your energy furnaces (mitochondria) to burn fatty acids. Without it, fats might accumulate in your cells, making them more insulin resistant and susceptible to build up of toxic wastes. Carnitine increases the all-important production of nitric oxide, a principle dilator of your arteries (as well as the key molecule in erectile dysfunction).

If your body can get rid of glucose easier with ALC, that means you have less insulin resistance and need less insulin. In my book, that translates to a longer and healthier life.

I am rather high on ALC as a super nutrient. I've included it in my Advanced Memory Formula (at a lower dose than used in the study). I take this formulation — one tablet, twice daily. I've had wonderful feedback on this formulation across the board. Two capsules provide 500 mg of ALC compared to the 2 grams used in the study. While not formulated specifically for insulin resistance and hypertension, I definitely expect it to help those problems while it protects your brain cells. And, if it doesn't do the job, just add another 500 mg of ALC twice daily.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Hypertension, 2009 Sep;54(3):567-74. Epub 2009 July 20.

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