May 21, 2010

Keep your heart young
without cutting calories

Keeping your heart young can keep you young. Researchers proved years ago that one of the best ways to keep your heart young is to restrict how many calories you eat each day. But scientists just discovered a new way to keep the hearts of animals young. And what they found directly benefits you.

I've written in the past that insulin is the hormone of aging and death when it comes in excess. These researchers found that manipulating genes involved in insulin regulation can keep hearts younger in animals. In this study, the scientists suppressed the p110 alpha-gene in animals. This gene encourages insulin production.

Older mice with suppressed p110 alpha activity had better cardiac function and fewer biological markers of aging. They had less of the fibrosis (scarring) that can reduce heart function. In general, these mice had genetic activity in their heart similar to younger mice.

The author said that insulin signaling is crucial for cardiac aging. He noted how calorie restriction does the same thing as his genetic engineering. And most importantly, he indicated that you can have these same effects without calorie restriction and genetic engineering. All you have to do is take biochemicals that mimic caloric restriction. One of the best is resveratrol.

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I continue to recommend resveratrol as a terrific overall supplement to retard aging and protect your cells. It protects all of your cells, from your prostate or breasts to your heart.

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Ref: HealthDay, October 12, 2009.

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