May 19, 2010

Why most prostate cancer victims should ignore their doctor's advice

What if your doctor told you the bad news? You have prostate cancer! And what if your doctor wanted to rush you into surgery to have the tumor — and your prostate — removed? What would you do? Well, there's a 67% chance that you should simply ignore your doctor's advice. Here's why.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool study followed 500 cases of prostate cancer. They found that two-thirds of the men did not need the kind of urgent treatment your oncologist or urologist would push you in to. The reason?

Pathologists found that the protein Hsp-27 is associated with cancer growth. Put differently, if the protein is absent, the disease will hardly progress. And, in over 60% of prostate cancer patients, the protein just isn't present. These patients will do better just watching their tumors and treating them naturally. It seems that this protein indicates that the cancer cells are less likely to commit self-destruction.

Again and again the medical research belies the conventional paradigm of cutting out your prostate tumor. Think of all the millions of men whose lives have been forever disrupted by prostate cancer surgery. Left with incontinence, impotence, or worse, most go on to die of another disease anyway. Here, at least, is a marker that can tell you if you're one of the majority of patients whose cancer will not be aggressive.

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What's more, I'm sure that we can find similar proteins in other cancers. In other words, doctors are looking at the wrong solutions to the cancer problem. I recently wrote an article in my newsletter Second Opinion about how the vast majority of tumors simply self-destruct on their own. Doctor's should be looking more at the reasons these cancers die, instead of the most profitable way to get rid of tumors (surgery and drugs). But, that would eat into the profits of the cancerous Pharma industry.

If you have prostate cancer and your doctor is pressing you into invasive or toxic treatment, please give him this information. Have him look to see if the Hsp-27 protein is present. If it isn't, then you'd save your prostate, the misery of surgery, and a lot of money.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Science Daily 9-4-09.

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