March 19, 2010

How health care reform
will affect you

Have you ever heard of the saying "we're doing this for your own good"?ÿ I'm sure you did as a child. I did. Whenever my parents really did know what was best for me.

Now we have a government that's acting like our parents and our boss - even though we're the ones who put them in office.

America was founded on the notion that all governmental power must come from the people themselves. And, that government's primary function is to protect our God-given rights. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution never gives the federal government the power to do what government thinks is best for us.

So let's talk about this monstrous government "health care reform." ÿFirst, it's not about health; it's about control and about disease maintenance.

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We've seen for years how drugs don't work. We saw this recently with Avandia. These drugs not only didn't work at all, but they dramatically increased risk of death. With the so-called "health care reform" legislation, it's likely this type of medicine is not only what you should expect, but all that you'll have left.

It's no secret that the government has lied to us about the safety of drugs. ÿBut they're also lying to us about this bill. They're telling us it will decrease the budget deficit. They're telling us it will lower medical costs. And they're telling us we'll be able to keep our current plans. But what's the truth?

According to Congress, this plan will cost $875 billion over 10 years. How is that possible? There's no way the government can cover 45 million people (the estimated number of people who don't have coverage now) for $87.5 billion a year. That's only $1,944 per person per year.

According to a study done by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust, the average cost of an insurance policy for a family of four is $13,375. That's about 60% higher than Congress' estimate. So that $875 billion will be at least $1.4 trillion. And we know the federal government never comes in under budget. It's likely to be much higher.

In the end, this bill could double the federal deficit. And it will greatly increase the burden on already cash-strapped states.

One area where the Congressional Budget Office did get it right is in the cost of your premiums. It said that premiums would definitely increase. Not only would your tax burden increase (to pay for the bill), but so would the cost of your premiums.

Of course, in the end, it's likely you won't even have your own policy - or the freedom to choose your medical treatments. ÿAccording to the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (the group of doctors fighting for medical freedom): "Within 5 years, all plans would be defunct if they weren't approved by the federal Health Choices Commissioner."

"Federal Health Choices Commissioner?" George Orwell couldn't have come up with a better name.

Despite these facts, Nancy Pelosi and other politicians are doing everything in their power to force this horror down our throats.ÿ And they're doing so by using end-runs around the Constitution. In other words, they are saying "we know the American people don't want it, and we know that we don't have the gonads to pass it openly and properly, so we will just drop it on you with no accountability, and without a vote. We will deem it passed."

Friend, this is not about being a Democrat or Republican. It's about being a freedom-loving American. It's about the power-broker elite rapidly taking totalitarian control of "health care." Your new self-proclaimed parents are attempting to railroad anything through as soon as possible before the American people can vote them out of office. There are even calls for representatives to risk their own seats to go against the wishes of their constituents. All because government thinks it knows what's best for you.

Please ask yourself: Are you a child? Are you incompetent? Do you want to be under government guardianship?

I know that you care about America and the ever-decreasing list of freedoms you have left. Second Opinion readers have been so helpful in responding to the call of medical freedom. We need you to do it again, and immediately. Please call your senators and congressmen/women. Tell them that you don't want this health care bill or any further intrusion of government into your life. Send them e-mails and letters. This is particularly important with the handful of "blue dog" Democrats who are still on the fence. I've included a list of those representatives at the end of this message with their phone numbers. I can't emphasize enough that your well-being is at stake here.

Your representatives need to hear from you - now!

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Members Still on the Fence
Alabama - Bright, Bobby (202-225-2901)
Arkansas - Berry, Marion (202-225-4076)
Arkansas - Ross, Mike (202-225-3772)
Arizona - Giffords, Gabrielle (202-225-2542)
Arizona - Mitchell, Harry (202-225-2190)
California - Baca, Joe (202-225-6161)
California - Cardoza, Dennis (202-225-6131)
California - Costa, Jim (202-225-3341)
California - Harman, Jane (202-225-8220)
California - Sanchez, Loretta (202-225-2965)
California - Schiff, Adam (202-225-4176)
California - Thompson, Mike (202-225-3311)
Colorado - Markey, Betsy (202-225-4676)
Colorado - Salazar, John ÿ(202-225-4761)
Florida - Boyd, Allen (202-225-5235)
Georgia - Barrow, John (202-225-2823)
Georgia - Bishop, Sanford (202-225-3631)
Georgia - Marshall, Jim (202-225-6531)
Georgia - Scott, David (202-225-2939)
Iowa - Boswell, Leonard (202-225-3806)
Idaho - Minnick, Walt (202-225-6611)
Indiana - Donnelly, Joe (202-225-3915)
Indiana - Ellsworth, Brad (202-225-4636)
Indiana - Hill, Baron (202-225-5315)
Kansas - Moore, Dennis (202-225-2865)
Kentucky - Chandler, Ben (202-225-4706)
Louisiana - Melancon, Charlie (202-225-4031)
Maryland - Kratovil, Jr., Frank (202-225-5311)
Maine - Michaud, Mike (202-225-6306)
Minnesota - Peterson, Collin (202-225-2165)
Mississippi - Childers, Travis (202-225-4306)
Mississippi - Taylor, Gene (202-225-5772)
North Carolina - McIntyre, Mike (202-225-2731)
North Carolina - Shuler, Heath (202-225-6401)
North Dakota - Pomeroy, Earl (202-225-2611)
New York - Arcuri, Mike (202-225-3665)
New York - Murphy, Scott (202-225-5614)
Ohio - Space, Zack (202-225-6265)
Ohio - Wilson, Charles (202-225-5705)
Oklahoma - Boren, Dan (202-225-2701)
Oregon - Schrader, Kurt (202-225-5711)
Pennsylvania - Altmire, Jason ÿ(202-225-2565)
Pennsylvania - Carney, Christopher (202-225-3731)
Pennsylvania - Dahlkemper, Kathy (202-225-5406)
Pennsylvania - Holden, Tim (202-225-5546)
Pennsylvania - Murphy, Patrick (202-225-4276)
South Dakota - Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie (202-225-2801)
Tennessee - Cooper, Jim (202-225-4311)
Tennessee - Davis, Lincoln (202-225-6831)
Tennessee - Gordon, Bart (202-225-4231)
Tennessee - Tanner, John (202-225-4714)
Texas - Cuellar, Henry (202-225-1640)
Utah - Matheson, Jim (202-225-3011)
Virginia - Nye, Glenn (202-225-4215)

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