February 17, 2010

Can a common seizure drug reverse Alzheimer's?

I've talked a lot about Alzheimer's, giving you many ways to avoid it and some powerful ways to treat it. Alzheimer's is a very tough disease to treat. So I often will throw the entire book of alternative medicine at it because I'm never sure what each individual will respond to. Amazingly, there may be a more conventional approach to try as well.

This conventional treatment is the drug Epilim. As you may know, I don't usually trumpet drugs for obvious reasons. The "side" effects are typically not worth any benefit they may provide. But once in a while, I actually find a real positive use for a synthetic chemical. And a new study suggests this particular drug may have use with Alzheimer's disease.

Epilim is a common seizure drug. Its generic name is sodium valproate. Researchers recently found that it can reactivate the body's own defenses against the beta amyloid protein. That's the bad gunk that accumulates in the brains of Alzheimer's victims. The drug appears to work in the nucleus of neurons. It stimulates the DNA to make a protein called neprilysin or NEP. NEP helps clear the toxic beta amyloid. NEP gradually winds down with advancing years. Getting it back online is a real nice discovery.

Valproate is generally well tolerated, and not too pricey. Even orthodox doctors might be open to trying it. If you have a loved one with Alzheimer's disease, please be sure this information gets to his or her doctor. And please let me know if it helps in any way. I'd like to know your full experience — positive or negative.

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Ref: ScienceDaily, December 10, 2008.

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