December 11, 2009

Two natural products
that stop arthritis pain

You probably already know that most over-the-counter and prescription pain pills have serious side effects. Several studies now show conclusively that both the cox-1 and cox-2 inhibitors (Vioxx, etc.) raise your risk of vascular disease. And Tylenol (as well as Advil, Motrin, and the other readily available pain pills) causes liver disease.

You also may know that there are plenty of natural alternatives that reduce inflammation safely. I've told you about curcumin, ginger, proteolytic enzymes, and many others. But not every remedy works for everyone. So I try to give you as many alternatives as I can.

Today, I've got an incredible breakthrough in pain relief. It's another God-made substance. It carries no risk. And it has very significant benefits.

A German study just found that the popular supplement Pycnogenol reduces pain and inflammation. The most important finding is that it lowers cyclooxygenase (cox) activity. That's exactly what the NSAID class of drugs does. But drugs work unnaturally, which brings great risk to you.

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An extract of pine tree bark, Pycnogenol is a potent bioflavonoid. The study showed that it very quickly can lower activity of the cox enzymes. And another double-blind study showed that it significantly reduced the pain of knee osteoarthritis. A control group increased its use of NSAIDs in comparison to the treatment group.

Pycnogenol has been around for years. And we're still discovering all the benefits it has. Since this is a patented product, it can be expensive. So I turned to a product called Proanthanol from NutriCology/Allergy Research Group.

Proanthanol isn't made from pine bark, but it does have similar antioxidants. And I've found it to work just as effectively in treating arthritis pain. Both products are excellent alternatives to NSAIDs. I can't guarantee that either will take care of your pain. But I would certainly go for these first before turning to a dangerous class of chemicals. Both products are easily available at health food stores and on many Internet sites (search for them on Google and shop for the best price).

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

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