November 11, 2009

Why men should avoid milk

A few years ago, a researcher went to China to study the diets of tens of thousands of people. The researcher discovered, almost conclusively, that the more animal protein you eat, the greater your chance of dying early. And one of the biggest problems was dairy products. Now there's another study that shows how dairy can significantly increase your risk of prostate cancer.

The study confirms that the more protein you get from dairy, the higher your risk of prostate cancer. A 35 gram increase in dairy protein may increase your prostate cancer risk by as much as 35%. This was the conclusion of research on 142,251 men living in Britain. Furthermore, high intake of calcium from dairy (but not other foods) also raises your risk.

Milk is for baby cows. It's not for humans. The only milk natural to any mammal is that of its mother. It is possible that there could be other factors, such as pasteurization (which denatures protein), and possibly pesticides or other chemicals fed to the cows. However, most of the dairy used in the China study was raw milk, which many alternative doctors recommend. I don't. We don't know if pesticides or other chemicals affected the Chinese milk. It's definitely possible.

It's hard to completely avoid dairy. I still consume small amounts of raw organic cheese, yogurt, and rarely some high-quality ice cream. But I do so less than twice a week. So I suggest you avoid dairy products as much as you can. The risk for health problems — especially for the prostate — is just too high.

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Ref: Br J Cancer, 2008; 98(9).

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