November 6, 2009

Powerful heart nutrient also relieves severe fatigue — fast

If you have fatigue, a supplement I told you about for heart ailments might just be the ticket for you.

Ribose is a special sugar molecule that your body needs to make ATP. ATP is chemical energy. Without it, all cellular functions would cease. When you burn oxygen, your body generates ATP. This stored energy does everything from making muscles contract to helping your immune cells kill bacteria. No energy, no function.

Lack of ribose is particularly harmful to your heart, which needs vast amounts of ATP all the time. But, ribose's help is not just limited to your heart. A new study shows you also need it for overall performance.

In this study, the researchers wanted to see if oral ribose could help general fatigue in adults. The participants took 3 grams twice daily for two weeks. The subjects experienced objective benefits. They had better oxygen utilization, improved aerobic capacity (ability to consume oxygen), and a nice 32% increase in net energy expenditure. At rest, the subjects experienced improved vitality, less perceived fatigue, and improved mental outlook.

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As impressive as that is, there's more. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD of Annapolis, MD, conducted another small study. In the 36 people he tested, ribose helped their symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Subjects took 5 grams, three times daily. After two weeks, 69% reported significant improvement in their symptoms and their quality of life.

It only makes sense that ribose would have this effect. Lack of ribose means lack of ATP (deficient energy). So if you have chronic fatigue, or feel a lack of energy, give ribose a try. The nice thing is you should notice results very quickly. If not, then you'll have a fast answer that your problem is not a ribose deficiency.

You can order ribose — as Corvalenr — from Advanced Bionutritionals by following this link.

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