October 30, 2009

Take this with alginate
to drop unwanted pounds

On Wednesday, I showed you how alginate can suppress your appetite and help you drop unwanted pounds. But there's something else you can take along with alginate that might help you shed those pounds a little faster.

While alginate works to suppress your appetite, this companion supplement works in a completely different way. It prevents your body from absorbing a certain type of sugar. But it doesn't work on your body - it works on the food you eat. Let me explain.

You probably know that fiber is extremely good for you. It helps keep your digestive system flowing so toxins don't build up in your gut. However, fiber is not meant to be broken down and absorbed. It's supposed to stay in your gut and pass through.

Unfortunately, unhealthy bacteria that break down the cellulose in fiber get into our system. When these bacteria break down the cellulose, it allows your body to absorb it. This unwanted sugar adds calories to your diet and increases your sugar load.

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So it's vitally important to get rid of the unhealthy bacteria in your gut. The best way to do this is to crowd them out with healthy human probiotics. Doing so might give your body a break. You might absorb fewer calories from healthy fiber. But do probiotics really help you stay thin?

A recent study says yes. In this study, researchers randomly divided 256 women in their first trimester of pregnancy into three groups. They gave two of the groups dietary counseling consistent for pregnancy. They also gave them foods to take home. These included spreads and salad dressings with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. And, they also took home fiber-enriched pasta and breakfast cereal.

One of the two counseled groups also took daily capsules of probiotics containing Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. These are the most commonly used probiotics. The other counseled group took dummy capsules. (The third group, the placebo group, took dummy capsules and received no dietary counseling.) Each group continued to take the capsules until the women stopped exclusive breastfeeding, up to six months.

The researchers found that those who took probiotics had the lowest levels of central obesity. They also had the lowest body-fat percentage.

This study supports the theory that a lack of bacteria in your gut might contribute to your weight challenges. And this would be true for everyone - not just pregnant women. Whether you struggle with weight issues or not, I recommend you take probiotics. If you're thin, they'll help you stay thin. If you're overweight, they'll help you drop some of those unwanted pounds.

I recommend Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Probiotic Formula. It's an excellent all-purpose probiotic that's safe for everyone to take.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: ScienceDaily, May 8, 2009.

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