October 16, 2009

One cause — and the easy solution — for brain fog

If you ever suffer from brain fog, it's possible you have mercury poisoning. Mercury poisoning affects a large segment of our population. If you have or have had amalgam fillings, you have the poison in your system. And it's vital you get it out to protect your overall health — not just your brain.

I've long used selenium (200 mcg daily), NAC (500 mg, two to three times daily), vitamin C (1 gm, two to three times daily) and alpha lipoic acid (300 mg daily) as inexpensive remedies that work. But would you believe that a common herb you typically find in men's herbal remedies for ED might help with mercury?

Researchers recently conducted a study on mercury intoxicated mice. The poison damaged several liver enzymes. The researchers gave the animals Tribulus terrestris extract at 6 mg/kg of body weight. The herb restored their liver enzymes to normal.

I don't have a lot of experience with Tribulus, but wanted you to know about this, especially if you're a man. You might be able to help two problems at once.

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Mercury poisoning can be a stubborn problem to treat. In addition to affecting your liver, it also can reside in your brain. That's why it can cause brain fog.

While this study did not target the brain specifically, supporting liver enzymes is certainly a good indicator that it might help brain enzymes. At the dosage used in the study, only 400 mg daily is enough, and that's easy to find. You can find Tribulus herbal products in most health food stores

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Trop Biomed. 2006 Jun;23(1):45-51.

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