October 14, 2009

Reduce your risk of colon cancer by 76% without pills

I told you a few weeks ago about curcumin's ability to stop Alzheimer's disease. And I've told you many times in the past about quercetin, which can reduce your colon cancer risk. These two nutrients are bioflavonoids. But quercetin isn't the only nutrient that can slow colon cancer. A new four-year study shows that other little-known bioflavonoids also stop colon cancer.

In this study, researchers followed 1,905 patients with a high risk for colon cancer. All of them had at least one confirmed colorectal adenoma within six months of the study. Adenomas are a significant risk factor for cancer. Then the researchers assessed the amount of flavonoids they were eating by using a food frequency questionnaire.

They found that a high intake of flavonols from beans, onions, apples, and tea can significantly lower your risk of colon cancer. The flavonols can reduce advanced adenoma recurrence by 76% compared to the lowest quartile.

The researchers then evaluated specific flavonoids in these foods. These included isoflavonoids, kaempferol, genistein, and formononetin. The highest intake of these nutrients lowers your risk of advanced adenoma by 54%, 56%, 62%, and 51% (respectively) compared to the lowest quartile.

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Colon cancer is a very tough cancer to treat. So prevention is your best medicine and food is your best prevention. Here we see a huge reduction in risk for cancer. Please make food your medicine.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, 2008; 17(6).

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