September 16, 2009

What to take with vitamins to fight osteoporosis even better

I've had awesome results treating osteoporosis with diet and supplements. I've told you about these treatments in the past. (You can see these past issues on my website.) Now I have yet more wonderful news. There's a simple and cheap way to treat osteoporosis that could make my diet and supplement recommendations even more effective.

We've known for some time that osteoporosis has a link to inflammation. In fact, a recent study confirmed what I've said for years. It showed that vitamin C (1,000 mg daily) and vitamin E (600 mg daily) can reduce inflammation and stop osteoporosis! The participants took the vitamins for six months. The researchers found the vitamins protected their bones as effectively as resistance training (three times per week). Lumbar spine bone loss essentially halted. The supplements worked as well as resistance training. And combining them did not add to the effectiveness.

That's not surprising, as we've seen the same thing in our clinic. So how can you make them even more effective? With cheap ole baking soda. That's right! Sodium bicarbonate slows bone resorption (bone loss). Baking soda is dirt cheap. Subjects taking sodium or potassium bicarbonate (67.5 mmol daily) had significant reductions in urinary N-telopeptide. That's a major marker for bone resorption. Potassium chloride had no effect, proving it was the bicarbonate.

Why are these dirt cheap treatments so effective? The vitamins reduce oxidation free radical damage that inflammation causes. And the bicarbonate? It alkalinizes. When your body gets acidic, as it does with the standard American diet, your body will naturally protect its critical pH level. It does so by robbing your bones of alkaline calcium. And just a small amount of baking soda (bicarbonate) can help provide alkalinity that spares your calcium!

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This is just fabulous news to help you fight this crippling disease. And, from first-hand clinical experience, I can tell you that this type of gentle alkalinization might do much, much more. I've told you in the past that an alkaline body pH can protect against cancer. It also can reduce body wide inflammation and pain. All for mere pennies.

As great as this news is, I do have to give two warnings. First please don't take these findings as a reason to eat poorly. Even if you can prevent the consequences of osteoporosis by taking baking soda, you'll surely suffer consequences elsewhere in your body. Recent studies confirm that a diet rich in fruit and veggies also alkalinizes you, protects your bones, and protects you from a myriad of degenerative diseases. While taking bicarbonate will help you fight illnesses caused by a pH imbalance, it won't help your body fight off other diseases like these foods can. Nevertheless, bicarbonate is safe and inexpensive, and could be a wonderful addition to your supplement regimen.

Also, if you have hypertension, you might want to be wary of sodium bicarbonate and use the potassium variety. The dosage used (67.5mmol) corresponds to 67.5 mg of potassium bicarbonate. Even if your blood pressure is normal, unless you have kidney disease, or other reasons to avoid potassium, the additional potassium will likely do you well.

Why don't we hear more information about this instead of Sally Field's commercials for toxic Boniva? I'll let you answer that one.

Both sodium and potassium bicarbonate are available in supplement form at health food stores and on the Internet.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Osteoporos Int, 2008 November 20; J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 2008 October.

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