September 4, 2009

Six proven solutions to the health care "crisis," Part 2

All of us want great health care. We all want a system that's fair. And we want a system that's affordable. In my last health alert, I showed you two of the most important steps we can take as a nation to reach these goals (if you missed that alert, you can find it on my website). And I promised you the final four steps in today's alert. Here they are — I think you'll agree that fixing the system is a whole lot easier than our politicians make it.

(3) Emphasize and reward prevention

We know that the only time in recent history that the death rate fell is when doctors went out on strike. We also know that medical care is the third leading cause of death in America. This tells us that medical treatment itself is injurious and begets more problems, leading to more "care." This cycle must stop!

Instead, we must emphasize and reward real prevention and non-toxic therapy. We must rewrite insurance contracts for reimbursement for non-patented, God-made remedies, such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, other nutrients, therapies like oxidation, etc. If you get to pick your own insurance, as I suggested previously, you can select a program that does exactly that!

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Disease has three major causes: malnutrition, toxins, and stress. The first two are easy to address. For example, why treat hypertension for life with two to three drugs that can lead to more problems? Why not detox the lead or other heavy metals that caused the problem, and simply cure it? Why not get potassium, calcium, or magnesium as needed for the particular patient?

In order for medicine to actually heal, you have to individualize it. You can't have a cookbook based on how well symptom suppression worked on other people. If prescribed drugs are a tax deduction, then prescribed supplements should be as well. Not to do so is unfair, unequal, and it subsidizes Big Pharma. (But what else would you expect considering who owns our rulers?) It encourages chemical disease maintenance/symptom suppression.

While it may be more expensive in the very short run, rewarding natural therapies will be far less expensive in the long run, since you will be treating the cause. This will end the infinite Ponzi scheme of drugs>injury>more drugs>more injury>more costs, etc. Why doesn't this happen? Follow the money trail!

(4) Tort reform

This is crucial. Many doctors practice medicine more based on protecting their behinds from attorneys than what is in the interest of the patient or what is cost effective. It's estimated that up to 20% of so-called health care costs are useless tests and procedures for doctors to protect themselves. Furthermore, these tests and procedures may add to more unnecessary treatments and inflict real injuries. (That 20% savings of the entire "disease maintenance" costs would be enough to pay for all the uninsured, and lower costs for everyone.)

(5) Level the playing field on advertisements

This will go a long ways toward ultimately lowering costs. Right now, Big Pharma advertises heavily on TV to suck you into "asking your doctor" for petrochemicals. Level the playing field! The FDA and other agencies must allow supplement companies to advertise truthful information about natural therapies. Had this been policy, we could have averted tens of thousands of "neural tube" crippling birth defects simply by educating pregnant women about folic acid. The FDA prohibited such truthful information from getting out.

I'm not against going after untruthful information. But the enforcement should be the same for both Pharma and natural remedies. Getting truthful information to the public will educate people that they have alternatives to expensive and toxic chemicals.

Additionally, heavily punish those who wantonly proffer false information that leads to actual injury, such as Merck hiding data that Vioxx was killing people, such as paying medical "ghostwriters" to publish false information. A mere fine is not enough. It was human beings that did the acts. The government must hold the individuals and the companies jointly and severally responsible. And that brings us to my final step for fixing the system.

(6) Congress must "reform" (reign in) the FDA so that its power is only to ensure safety

There are a multitude of therapies that have been destroyed, delayed, or otherwise demeaned by the FDA over the agency's standards for effectiveness. These "standards," in my opinion, are a sham. For example, if the FDA's only power were to ensure safety, we would have oxidation centers all over the country right now. That would blunt a flu epidemic quickly and otherwise cure difficult conditions and infections, such as methicillin resistant staph areus, and viruses. This will make health care a truly free market instead of the current government-protected monopoly for those "Pharming" you.

In medicine, if you don't think "out of the box," you will not cure a disease. Why?ÿ "In the box" medicine is Band-Aid symptom suppression. If we are to approach resolving the cost crisis, you have to think out of the box as well. Obamacare is only doing what it did with the banking bailout. It goes to the same people for advice who gave us, or profit from, the problems they created. It (government) asks those who caused the problem for solutions. It makes far more sense to go to those who have been economically, politically, or scientifically silenced by the current corrupt system than going for solutions to those who gave us the problem. The above six proposals are certainly outside the box of what the politicians are pushing.

I am open for your comments on this. Please distribute these suggestions to your friends and relatives. If you can find fault with my proposals, please reply to this email and let me know.

One final thought: Simply getting the government totally out of "health care" will accomplish almost all the above instantly! (All medical costs become post-tax that way.) Now with just one stroke, most of the problem is solved. All that would be left is tort reform, ensuring safety of products and truth in advertising. You can't get much simpler than that!

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

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