August 28, 2009

How to stop the spread of aggressive prostate cancer

In our last health alert, I showed you how vitamin K can help prevent prostate cancer. But this vitamin is much more powerful than that — it can actually stop aggressive prostate cancer from growing.

I've told you in the past that most prostate cancers never go anywhere. You won't die of these even if you do absolutely nothing. It's the highly invasive and aggressive cancers that kill. And now we know that vitamin K2 can reduce such aggressiveness.

In fact, if you have a vitamin K deficiency, new evidence suggests that your risk for advanced-stage and high-grade prostate cancer goes up significantly.

Vitamin K is essential to carboxylate molecules in your body. Carboxylation of proteins in your bones is essential for them to pick up and retain calcium. That's why a vitamin K deficiency also increases your risk for osteoporosis. Without carboxylation of these bone-forming proteins, you're not just at risk for osteoporosis. It also significantly increases your risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

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For every 10% decrease in carboxylation, there's a 38% increase in advanced-stage prostate cancer.

Interestingly, the same carboxylation mechanism is involved with both vascular and prostate protection. One study says that natural vitamin K2 reduced arterial calcifications by 50%. And it also reduced cardiovascular mortality risk by the same amount. The dose they used in this study was only 45 mcg. That's a tiny dose. Personally, I think 100 mcg is the optimum dose. So try to take this much every day.

The best food source of this vitamin is natto. This is a fermented form of soy that I've written about before. I happen to like natto, but you might not. So please be sure that your vitamin combination contains vitamin K2. Or look for supplemental vitamin K2 in the health food store.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Journal of Nutrition, 2004 November;134(11):3100-5.

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