August 19, 2009

Is medical freedom history?

You may know that I'm called the Father of Medical Freedom. I've helped two states pass significant health care reform that protected doctors and citizens from overzealous bureaucrats. In Alaska, I helped pass the country's first medical freedom bill. And in California, which had one of the most oppressive medical systems in the country, I helped restore some medical freedoms.

Now, the debate is going national. And the health care debate is really heating up. Congressmen are getting hit hard at town hall meetings from those who don't want a federal government takeover of 20% of the economy and possibly their lives.

Those pushing for the government grab point to Medicare as the successful model for socialized medicine. Our rulers are just extending it to all of us, not just seniors. Well, Medicare is almost broke, and will be beyond broke within about 10 years. I know physicians treating Medicare seniors. They are in fear for their freedom. Just providing any services outside of the treatments Medicare allows for the diseases they approve of exposes the physician to any of a virtually infinite number of impossible-to-know regulations. Any violation of which could subject your doctor to fines and imprisonment. And, after paying into the system for years, you won't have anything left to fend for yourself when the system decides you can get only conventional toxic therapy.

Here's a case in point. Years ago, in Alaska, I did treat Medicare patients. I used unconventional therapies on patients who didn't want drugs, or had failed on them. I usually helped them get better with chelation or oxidation. Medicare was never billed, for obvious reasons. However, Medicare did ask for the records, and got them. So what did Medicare do?

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Instead of thanking me for helping their beneficiaries, and thanking the patients themselves for paying out of their own pockets, Medicare reported my methods to the medical board. Since the complaint did not come from the patients, and they generally had done real well, the board was honorable and looked the other way. But when the total government takeover comes, I doubt that any of us will get off that easy. And the attacks won't just hit alternative doctors. Why?

Follow the money trail. Big Pharma has just signed on to the Obama plan. Now why does Big Pharma or any corporation sign on to something? "Cha-ching, Cha-ching." If Pharma is behind it, you know they see dollar signs.

I have repeatedly said that Pharma is "pharming" us for profit. I make you this promise. If the government succeeds in taking over health care, the only winners will be those who run the government — and the corporations that back them.

With Big Pharma behind this plan, you can be sure the plan will support Big Pharma. If you refuse government mandated vaccines (to protect your immune system) the program will refuse benefits to you. Why do I say that? Because we already know that if states don't do the bidding of the Feds, they will lose funding for various programs. It's called hegemony. So, you'll be coerced into getting vaccine toxicants that can permanently derange your immune system. Of course, Pharma will just love that. More petrochemical pharmaceuticals to sell.

And when government takes over health care, your supplements will be next. Why? The supplement industry is Pharma's biggest economic competitor. Since supplements are superior, the only way to win is to use its lackey, the government, to wipe out the competition. Please do everything you can to halt government's intrusion into your medical life while you still have the chance to do so. It soon may be "un-American" to criticize anything the government has planned for us.

It's time we got the government out of our lives. It's time the government protected our rights to take care of ourselves. That is the purpose of government. That is the meaning of Liberty, something our nation has forgotten. The price of freedom is self responsibility. It was Benjamin Franklin who told us that if we give up freedom for security, we'll have neither.

I join the chorus of those calling for storming (peacefully!!!) town hall meetings and the offices of your Congressional people to get the government out of "health care" entirely. Do it today!

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

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