August 5, 2009

Did Big Pharma Just Try to Create a Mutant Flu Pandemic?

With all the media focus on a possible government takeover of health care, there's something that scares me even more. There is open talk of forced vaccinations for the swine flu.

Don't think it's possible? Think again. I just saw a news report that the military has offered to assist in the event of a swine flu outbreak. Why the military? And why over what has been a relatively benign disease so far?

Well, that's just the beginning. It gets far worse. In a story that most media outlets have ignored — except for — the Big Pharma company Baxter International distributed contaminated vaccines for swine flu to Austria and 3 neighboring countries. The vaccines contained the H5N1 avian flu virus. The Czech Republic just happened to catch the contamination. They tested a batch on ferrets before shipping it out for injection into humans. All of the ferrets died! It was a major scandal. Had they injected humans, we could be facing a disease that could kill millions.

The word "contamination" suggests an accident. But according to the extremely strict procedures for vaccine production, the "accidental" presence of live avian flu in a swine flu vaccine is an impossibility. It is so remote that some Czech newspapers speculated that Baxter was trying to provoke a pandemic. Such a pandemic would help it reap untold billions in profits from producing the vaccine to counter a bird flu outbreak.

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Was it intentional?ÿ I can't say for sure.ÿ

So am I scared? Yes. Of an outbreak? No. I have oxidation and plenty of other remedies ready to treat my family and many hundreds of people. I will serve them until I simply drop. No, I'm scared that our government will force us at gunpoint to have our bodies injected with only God knows what. I'm scared of all the horrific immune reactions, neurological complications, Alzheimer's disease (from aluminum).

I have reported how state authorities have already forcibly rounded up children and forced them to get injections over the vigorous objections of parents. It has happened. And it can happen again.

The government is moving in on the most basic of rights, your body, in the interest of the "greater good." Well, with nationalized health care, it will be the greater good to ration (deny) you health care when you reach 80. Don't think it won't happen.

I again urge you to do everything you can to demand your legislators to stop the madness with the government takeover of "medicine." And tell them that you will not stand for forced vaccinations.

I have written about natural, effective ways to boost your immune system in past Health Alerts and the pages of my newsletter.ÿ You can read those articles at

Who knows, you may be denied health care if you refuse to be vaccinated. But remember, it is far easier for me to treat any natural acute infection than permanent immune damage or Alzheimer's caused by a vaccine.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

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