July 17, 2009

How to energize your brain — also works wonders for your heart

In my last health alert, I showed you an amazing one-two punch for fighting memory problems. Today, I've got another breakthrough for energizing your brain. In fact, if you have brain circulation problems, as do millions of Americans, this is for you. A nutrient I've used for 20 years in my supplement cocktail to replace Coumadin for atrial fibrillation also protects your brain. New research proves it.

In this study, researchers blocked the most important brain artery, the middle cerebral, in mice to induce stroke. The blockage affects the most-stroke prone area in humans.

The researchers pretreated one group of mice with ginkgo biloba for seven days prior to the occlusion. They treated another group of rodents with ginkgo after they blocked and then restored the blood supply. Science calls this process reperfusion. When the blood supply returns after blockage, there is a burst of oxidative stress that can cause great damage. This is reperfusion injury.

The researchers assessed neurobehavioral scores and volumes of dead brain tissue. Here's what they found:

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The mice they pretreated with ginkgo had approximately 50% less dead tissue than untreated animals. In the mice they treated after the occlusion, there was also a significant reduction in stroke volume.

For the mechanism, the researchers turned to mice bred to lack a particular antioxidant enzyme called heme oxygenase. In these animals, ginkgo did not have the terrific results. That indicates that ginkgo works by stimulating the enzyme activity if it's present.

The researchers concluded that ginkgo offers significant brain protection and can help restore blood circulation where it's lacking!

Ginkgo biloba isn't new. People have used it for millennia for health purposes. In fact, many countries use it today specifically for brain protection. However, how it works is not well understood. This study helped us understand how it works — and who can expect it to work for the best.

Were a drug found to do this, they would charge you $10 a pill and blast it all over the world. But this is from a tree! I'm delighted because I've used it for cerebral vascular disease for most of my career, and here we see its amazing effects both under a microscope and in enzyme activity.

My suggestion is that if you have vascular disease, consider taking up to 120 mg of ginkgo twice daily. If you're taking Advanced Memory Formula from Advanced Bionutritionals, you're already getting 80 mg, along with several other memory enhancers.

And, if you have atrial fibrillation and want to stop Coumadin, see the upcoming August issue of my newsletter. I give you the nutritional cocktail I've used for 19 years to treat this heart problem. (If you're not a subscriber, you can sign up here.) In all those years, I've not seen one stroke in several hundreds of patients. However, I can't and do not recommend that you do stop your Coumadin. That's a decision only you can make.ÿ

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Stroke, 2008 Oct 9. Published Online.

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