July 8, 2009

How to reverse your failing vision without pills or surgery

Is your vision failing? Are you having trouble seeing things that were very clear just a few years ago? If so, you might be able to reverse the damage simply by changing your diet.

Kristen is young woman with a severe corneal disorder called keratoconus. It is a sharp steepening of the cornea. There isn’t a cure for the “disease.” It almost always worsens and then ruins vision. Eventually the cornea might ulcerate. Since her conventional physicians didn’t know what to do, they simply treated her with antidepressants.

Kristen decided to treat the disease on her own by changing her diet. When she saw her optometrist, he was amazed at what it did.

Dr. Jeff Eger (www.allamericansportsvision.com) is an optometrist in Phoenix who had been treating Kristen for 13 years. She told him that she had adopted the Living Foods Diet. He was simply shocked that her cornea was flattening on its own, and needing less correction. I was ecstatic when I found out that Dr. Eger submitted this fascinating case to more than one eye journal. Now had she been treated with some drug or surgical technique, you can bet that it would have been published. It wasn’t. So you’re the only ones to hear about it.

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Kristen was on a corneal transplant list. Now she has a “dramatic” reshaping of her cornea. She doesn’t need a transplant. “Seeing a picture of her topography is worth a thousand words,” says Dr. Eger. “It opened my eyes and I am going to practice this diet for myself with a picture of her topography is worth a thousand  words,” says Dr. Eger. “It opened my eyes and I am going to practice this diet  for myself with the doctor's guidance.”

I assure you that there are thousands of cases of cures in alternative medicine that mainstream journals would not publish since the cure did not involve drugs or procedures. I’ve had difficulty getting an article on the miracles of ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy published. And that’s despite scores of articles from yesteryear in the American literature.

What Dr. Eger discovered is that a medical problem called a “disease” may actually be nothing more than a “condition” brought on by lousy metabolism secondary to a bad diet. You might not know what organ will be most vulnerable to improper nutrition. For Kristen, it was her eyes. For you, it might be your heart or circulation. For another, it might be a weakened immune system leading to cancer.

How many medical “conditions” (diseases) might be nothing more that subnormal nutrition? In fact, I would wager that another more prevalent eye “disease” — glaucoma — is directly related to diet, and could be helped the same way.

The first place to start with any problem, or for pure prevention, is diet. I don’t expect you to become a raw-food vegetarian like me. Some people really do better with some animal protein. Some really do better on more cooked foods. But move toward more uncooked fresh foods wherever possible to avoid heat destruction of nutrients and denaturing proteins.

Second, eat what grows around you when it’s in season and ripe. My motto is: “If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it.”

Third, cook your foods as lightly as possible. I don’t recommend eating raw meat, fish, or chicken. There’s an infection risk. Meat should be as lightly cooked as possible, but enough to destroy surface bacteria, and possible parasites in certain meats. Simply moving yourself in the direction of Living Foods will give your body more of what it needs to heal. And, as this case shows, the improvement might not just be your heart and blood pressure. It could be your eyes.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

PS. You can read more about Kristen’s story at http://healingkeratoconus.tripod.com/id1.html.

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