June 19, 2009
Losing your hearing? This drug-free therapy might reverse it

If you have hearing loss, tinnitus, ear pressure, or ear pain, there's a simple treatment that might reverse your condition. And it can do it without pills of any kind.

What most people don't realize is that problems with your upper cervical spine can cause hearing loss and other ear ailments. The medical term for the condition is "vertebragenic" hearing disorders.

Researchers recently reviewed the medical findings of 259 patients. They all had well-defined upper cervical spine problems and cervical vertigo. Cervical vertigo is dizziness caused a particular head posture.

The researchers found subjective hearing problems in 15% of the patients. Forty percent had undesirable shifts in hearing thresholds. And 62 patients (24%) suffered from vertebragenic hearing disorders. The researchers found that they could reverse the hearing difficulties that were associated with upper spine problems. All it took was simple chiropractic treatment.

While I'm not a chiropractor, this makes perfect sense. Many seniors have hearing loss. Many also have degeneration in their upper cervical spines. Disorders in the upper cervical spine may cause a dampening of hearing due to pathological nerve reflexes. If you have hearing loss, it may really pay to visit a chiropractor with expertise in the upper cervical spine. It might be all you need to get your hearing back naturally.

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Ref: HNO. 1994 Oct;42(10):604-13.

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