June 17, 2009

Say goodbye to alternative medicine — and your supplements

There is an old saying, if you can't beat them fairly, use the government to squash them. That's exactly what is happening as the Obama administration rushes us into socialized medicine. I really fear for you (and me). Let me tell you why.

First, we could get a Canadian-style program. That'll mean shortages, rationing, long waits for services, if you can get them at all. We certainly will get a system where those who work and have some assets will pay. While those who don't work, for whatever reason, will essentially receive liberty to parasitize those who do work. This will include illegal aliens. Hard-working Americans will be the health benefits sugar-daddy for anyone and everyone in the country, legal or illegal, contributing or not contributing.

Next, there will be no incentive to stay well. Those not paying into the system will be ecstatic. They finally will succeed in getting "free medical care." Free for them, financial ruin for you. They'll have no incentive to limit use of the system that literally pays them to have problems. It won't contain any health care costs. Medicare, a socialized program for the elderly, saw its costs explode due to government edicts on expensive disease-maintenance treatments paid for, and prevention not paid for.

There are other problems. But now I will tell you what it means for alternative medicine and those who want to use alternative medicine. Let me tell you about a Prolozone patient I just treated. Linda Miller is 71 years old and on Medicare. She has destroyed knees, i.e. no cartilage, and severe pain with every step she takes. She came to us in agony. She was skeptical of Prolozone. After reading about the possible benefits, she thought anything that good had to be fraud and/or snake oil.

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But in agony, she bit the bullet and decided she had to try it. Six days after the first treatment, she returned in shock. "I just can't believe it! I am astonished. I am in awe. If it didn't happen to me, I wouldn't believe it. You hear of these things and just assume they can't be true." Linda walked out of the office nearly pain free after the first session. She expected the pain to return every day, but it did not. She thought perhaps I added steroids. But fortunately, she trusted me more than that. Her written testimonial sent waves of joy through our office. But, that written testimonial would not keep me out of big trouble with a socialized medicine program.

Socialized medicine will pay for only the diseases it considers legal diagnoses, and for the treatments it permits for those approved diagnoses. But that's not all. When Hillary Clinton tried to ramrod her program through in the early 1990s, the plan called for leveling a $10,000 fine on any doctor who delivered services NOT considered covered under the plan. And the patient would end up in jail for paying for it.

That means that Linda, who paid for her own treatment and would save the program money, and who would be relieved of her severe suffering and disability, would be relieved of her freedom for paying for the treatment. Socialized medicine would make it a crime to perform or receive Prolozone. For fixing her problem, they would nail me for $10,000 to help prop up a system that promotes toxic therapies.

And don't think for a minute that the rules will apply only to doctor-administered therapies. Your supplements, if you can still get them, will double, even triple in price. And the dosages will be cut by 90%. Senator Dick Durbin is in the pockets of Big Pharma and hates the supplement industry. He's also a prominent figure in the push for socialized medicine. You can be sure he will do everything he can to wipe out the supplement industry as we know it.

Dear friend, welcome to government-controlled medicine. Do you really think that there is a free ride? When the program runs short, who will get shortchanged? We all know that care to seniors is very expensive. As we age, we use greater amounts of more expensive services. With a limited pot, some bureaucrat in Washington will place a cap on what you can receive. After all, you are only sucking from the system. Younger people the government can farm for more profit will be worth saving far more than you.

Make no mistake about it.ÿ It's not about doing good for people. It's really about who will profit from such a system. We know that the FDA is owned and/or controlled by corporate interests. So just follow the money trail from socialized medicine to know why this is stuffed down our throats. It's to get votes from the large number of people who live on the government dole. That keeps the socialists in power. It's to have 100% control over medical practices, which will divert even more money to Pharma and corporate interests. The petrochemical symptom-suppression drug industry can finally wipe out its competition. It shocks me that the American people will just not see it. Ah yes, as Benjamin Franklin said, "those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither."

I suggest that you oppose socialized medicine with all your heart and soul. If we don't, safer alternative therapies will be illegal — and the government-approved treatments will have long wait lists, be rationed, or actually denied.

I'll keep a close eye on any pending legislation — and you should too. Contact your congressman today. The best way to contact your Congressman is to call their office and tell them that you want them to protect your access to safe and effective alternative therapies and supplements.

With mail being irradiated and opened off-site, and auto-emailers flooding servers, one-on-one phone calls are about the only thing our elected officials pay attention to any more. You can find phone numbers at www.senate.gov and www.house.gov.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

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