May 1, 2009

Two powerful Swine flu fighters

On Wednesday, I sent you information on how to handle the current Swine Flu hysteria. While the media is in a frenzy, panic won't do you any good. Neither will the government. You have to take your health into your own hands. So I gave you several great remedies for fighting and treating the flu. Today, I'd like to add two more powerful flu-fighters to that list.

The first is one of my favorite supplements: resveratrol. A study done in 2005 showed that resveratrol inhibited the influenza-A virus from replicating. Interestingly, it wasn't resveratrol's antioxidant action that fought the virus. It seemed to prevent the virus by commandeering the cellular machinery it requires for replication. The authors concluded that resveratrol could be a particularly valuable anti-influenza drug. The current swine H1N1 strain is an influenza A virus. So resveratrol should be very effective at fighting it.

As you may know, resveratrol has other incredible life-sustaining actions. I suggest that everyone take resveratrol daily. I do myself. It is one of the few supplements I take routinely. Take two tablets daily, and triple that dose if you come down with flu symptoms. You can order resveratrol by following this LINK.

With the first signs of an upper respiratory infection, you could also benefit greatly from homeopathics, especially Oscillococcinum. Clinical trials have shown it helps reduce the severity and shorten the duration of flu symptoms.

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Oscillococcinum works rapidly. One study showed 63% of patients with "complete resolution" or "clear improvement" at 48 hours. The real good news is that the researchers evaluated it in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. Here, the recovery rate within 48 hours of treatment was significantly greater in the group that received the active homeopathic than in the placebo group.

Unlike petrochemical drugs, Oscillococcinum should not cause any side effects, such as drowsiness. It has no known or reported drug interactions. Oscillococcinum is a drug regulated by the FDA. However, you can buy it "over the counter" at most pharmacies, natural food stores, and even supermarkets. You can also find it at

This a remedy worth keeping on hand. It works best when taken early. While living in Alaska, my patients swore by it. They would take it every day during flu season and never came down with any symptoms.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,


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