April 29, 2009

Your best anti-swine
flu defense kit

The first salvo in worldwide epidemics is unfolding, much as I have been suggesting it would. This one is an influenza, not the dreaded bird flu. Nevertheless, it's already proven to be a killer.

This virus, termed A-H1N1, has gene segments from North American swine, bird, and human flu strains and a segment from Eurasian swine. This is unusual and very worrisome. We've predicted mixed genetic strains for a long time. A virus that is more avian, but with human-to-human transmission, could be a worldwide horror similar to the Spanish flu epidemic of 1917-1918.

As a result, world governments are scrambling wildly to do "something." But just doing "something" doesn't mean that it will do any good. Sometimes, we have to let nature run its course.

You will possibly see forced action by governments. In Mexico, the government is requiring people to use masks. And they're shutting down churches and businesses. I have seen suggestions that governments will shut down airports, quarantining people at the airports, and possibly grab them from their homes and offices. Travel may collapse. And there's a growing prospect of forced vaccines. But vaccines (forced or voluntary) won't stop this flu.

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Hysteria has not peaked, yet. Fortunately, it hasn't been as deadly in the U.S. as in Mexico. However, it's spreading rapidly around the world.

In the jet age, it will be about impossible to contain a human-to-human transmission of an easily transmitted airborne pathogen. One early or lightly infected passenger in an airport could spread the disease almost around the world in a day, with no one even knowing. Trying to contain an easily spread virus is nuts. Instead, you must take action now the right action.

Your best defense against the virus is a healthy immune system. If there are people sick around you, supplements are required immediately. Here are several you should have in your swine-flu defense kit (most of these are available at your local health food store or on the Internet). You'll notice that several of them have what seem to be high doses. Sometimes short bursts of pharmacological doses of vitamins can dramatically empower an immune system that's defending against a serious invader like a killer flu. I have not seen any toxicity from these doses used as I have outlined. If you suspect you are exposed to the virus, take:

  • Vitamin D3 — 50,000 IU for one week, then 2-3 times weekly for 4 weeks.
  • Vitamin C — 1,000 mg three times daily (If loose stools occur, reduce dose.)
  • Zinc Citrate — 50 mg (If you take this dose for more than three weeks, also take 2 mg of copper.)
  • Iodide/Iodine (Iodoral) — 12.5 mg
  • Selenium 200 mcg
  • Russian Choice Immune (2 twice daily)
  • Colloidal Silver (Argentyn 23) 1 teaspoonful, three times daily
  • Probiotics
  • Carnivora 3 three times daily. (To order call 800-836-8735 or visit www.carnivora.com.)

If you do develop symptoms, add these to your regimen:

  • Vitamin A (NOT beta carotene) 100,000 units daily for up to one month. It is available at http://www.americanbiologics.com/americanbiologics_010.htm.
  • Sambucol one table every three hours (www.sambucolusa.com)
  • Vitamin C take up to 1 gram or to bowel tolerance every hour
  • Miracle Mineral Supplement up to eight drops, three times daily. (To order visit www.mmsmiracle.com. You can read more about it in the January 2009 issue of Second Opinion).

If you have significant symptoms, consider oxidation therapy (ozone, hydrogen peroxide, or ultraviolet blood irradiation) from an oxidation provider. I've seen it get rid of influenza very quickly, including my own case. I generally recommend it with the first symptoms of a flu infection, not waiting until it's severe. Intravenous vitamin C (25-50 grams over a few hours) can also remedy symptoms quickly.

With this defense kit, you can fight the swine flu or any flu easily and without major doctors' bills. So don't panic but do take action today to protect yourself.

If you'd like more information on how to beat the flu — or any other viral or bacterial infection, I've got a lot more on my website. In fact, I've written a special report on how you can protect yourself. Just follow this link to learn how to get this report for free.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Neurology, 2008 June 14.

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