April 3, 2009

Are these pain pills causing
heart disease too?

If you suffer from chronic pain and take NSAIDs for relief, it's time to find better alternatives. I've warned you for years about NSAID drugs. These are the powerful chemicals made by Big Pharma to cover up your pain. But they do a lot more than just stop pain — and most of these actions can cause serious damage to your body.

For instance, I was the first to warn you against them regarding your circulation. I've also warned how they can reduce your pain today and destroy your cartilage for tomorrow.

But now there's evidence that these drugs do, in fact, cause heart disease.

Researchers recently discovered another mechanism by which these dangerous drugs might cause this kind of serious damage. They interfere with nitric oxide metabolism. Nitric oxide is essential for dilating your blood vessels.

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It's very common for people with cardiovascular problems to have low nitric oxide levels. And when researchers gave NSAIDs to animals, the low nitric oxide environment it created greatly aggravated cardiovascular problems. So NSAIDs may aggravate a system that's already weak, especially if the metabolism is similar in humans. NSAIDs have already been found to interfere with beneficial prostaglandin compounds, which lubricate and protect your blood vessels. Now they may also prevent them from dilating.

Action to take: There are few if any reasons to take NSAIDs. They are a multibillion-dollar rip off from Big Pharma. And they can worsen your joint pain in the long run and affect your heart and sexual health. There are so many natural pain relievers, and those made by God often have the added benefit of protecting your circulation. I encourage you to consider curcumin, bioflavonoids (such as Seanol found in Fibroboost, and the powerful nutrients in Advanced Joint Formula, instead of reaching for the pain pills.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,


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