March 27, 2009

This tasty beverage freshens bad breath

If you have bad breath, you probably brush your teeth regularly, gargle with mouthwash, chew gum, and eat breath mints to get rid of it. But there's something that fights halitosis better than any of these. It's a common beverage.

Before I tell you about this beverage, you have to know what causes bad breath. Bacteria in your mouth are the typical cause of halitosis. These bacteria can generate smelly volatile sulfur compounds (VSC). Sulfur is the key component in the rotten egg smell.

A group of researchers recently studied several ways to deal with these bacteria. Their findings strongly suggest that green tea is more effective than chewing gum, mints, or even a parsley seed oil product for halitosis.

In this study, researchers compared topical administration of gum, mints, and the parsley oil to 675 mg of green tea powder. The participants simply poured the powder on their tongue, and allowed it to dissolve in saliva, then swallowed. After the topical administration, mouth air was analyzed for VSCs. Only the green tea reduced the VSCs.

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Furthermore, a second lab study found that combining green tea with toothpaste produced strong deodorant effects.

Would you rather use an ineffective chemical mouthwash to cover up a problem or a beneficial naturally derived substance that addresses the cause? There's some legitimate concern that mouthwash may cause more problems than it helps. And it's heavily fluoridated.

Green tea, on the other hand, has many beneficial effects. In addition to the fresh breath, green tea may also act to quell unwanted bacterial processes. Chlorophyll is excellent at combating halitosis. It is also antibacterial. If you have halitosis, be sure to have your gums checked for periodontal disease — also from bacteria. So make sure you drink plenty of green tea.

I also recommend you clean up your diet. A toxic bowel will allow volatile smelly compounds to be absorbed from your gut. Then they will emerge from your lungs.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: "Effect of green tea on volatile sulfur compounds in mouth air," Lodhia P, Yaegaki K, et al, J Nutr Sci Vitaminol, 2008; 54(1): 89-94.

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