March 18, 2009

The “health” drink that increases your risk of diabetes by 31%

You may have seen some TV commercials lately about high fructose corn syrup. These commercials have one purpose — convince you that this product is safe. Apparently, our voice was gaining so much strength against the syrup that the industry had to go on the offensive. But is their product really safe?

A couple of studies say "no."

In the first study, researchers followed 443,960 African-American women. They found that the incidence of type-2 diabetes was higher among those who drank both sugar sweetened soft drinks and fruit drinks. Consuming just two soft drinks per day causes a 24% increase in risk for type-2 diabetes. And consuming just two fruit drinks per day increases your risk by 31%. Why are fruit drinks worse? Another study will show you.

This second study involved six healthy subjects (four men and two women). They had an average age of 28 years and an average body mass index of 24.3. The researchers gave the participants drinks with various combinations of two sweeteners. The two sweeteners were fructose (a sugar found in honey, fruits, and sweet vegetables and grains like corn) and glucose (the sugar your body makes from food).

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The participants started by drinking a soft drink containing 75% fructose and 25% glucose. Then they drank soft drinks containing either 100% glucose or a 50% glucose/50% fructose combination. The 75% fructose drink caused the greatest fat buildup compared to the other drinks.

But that's not all. The mostly fructose drink led to greater fat generation in the liver than the other drinks. In fact, the high fructose drinks caused an increase of 200% greater than glucose. Furthermore, post-lunch triglyceride levels were 11-29% higher after drinking either of the drinks containing fructose compared to the 100% glucose drink.

High fructose corn syrup is a corn syrup that's undergone enzymatic processing to increase the fructose level. That means it's even more dangerous than the fructose found naturally in fruit and other whole foods. That's why I've always said the only place fructose should be in your diet is in whole fruits. As bad as processed cane sugar is, the alternative poison given to you by the processed food industry is far worse. And remember, I call it a poison simply because, when removed and concentrated out of their natural states, these compounds literally poison you.

What about fruit drinks? For the most part, they are a garbage "food." They contain too much fructose to be healthy. Yes, they have a lot of nutrients and can give you some benefits. But the heavy dose of fructose outweighs the positives. If you want to drink them, please switch to freshly squeezed juice. I'll show you why in my next health alert.

One last caveat: I don't recommend any juice for diabetics or the obese. You'll get too many of the natural sugars without the fiber to slow absorption.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: "Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in African American Women," Palmer JR, Boggs DA, et al, Arch Intern Med, 2008; 168(14): 1487-1492.

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