February 27, 2009

Newly discovered plant chemical prevents prostate cancer

It's no secret that broccoli is one of the world's great health foods. But we're really just beginning to uncover just how great this veggie is. For instance, broccoli contains the molecule sulforaphane. One study found that this molecule stimulates production of enzymes that protect your blood vessels. It also reduces toxicity from certain free radicals, molecules that can cause damage.

We've known for some time that broccoli can prevent many types of cancer. But a recent study found that just four servings of broccoli per week might significantly reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

The researchers divided 24 men with pre-cancerous lesions that increase prostate cancer risk into two groups. They had the men eat four extra servings of either broccoli or peas each week for a year. The researchers also took tissue samples from the men.

The study found that those who ate broccoli caused 400-500 favorable changes in genes. All of these genes play a role in fighting cancer.

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The study found that isothiocyanates, a second chemical found in the veggie, can favorably modify genes. In other words, it might turn off genes that create cancer, and turn on genes that inhibit the disease.

The authors said that you will likely see similar benefit from other cruciferous vegetables that contain isothiocyanates. These include Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, rocket or arugula, watercress, and horse radish.

I eat one or more of these vegetables almost every day. I even eat the broccoli leaves of the plants we grow. The mildly bitter taste is an indication of the wonderful chemicals they contain. The goal of cancer management is prevention. I am 100% convinced that we can accomplish our goals to dramatically reduce cancer suffering by proper diet and reduction in toxins. And broccoli plays a major role in reaching that goal.

Make it a point to include these superfoods in your diet every day.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Reuters, July 1, 2008; PLoS ONE July 2, 2008; 3(7):e2568.

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