February 25, 2009

Inexpensive vitamins slow
dementia and Alzheimer's

If you or a loved one has dementia, I've got great news. There's now proof that a group of inexpensive vitamins can slow the progression of dementia and Alzheimer's.

A recent study followed 299 older men. The researchers found that taking B-vitamin supplements significantly lowered the amyloid beta protein in their brains. The protein is a hallmark of Alzheimer's. Those taking the placebo saw their plasma protein increase an undesirable 18.5%. Those taking B vitamins saw their amyloid beta protein rise only 4.9%. That's a huge difference for inexpensive B vitamins.

This study looked at plasma protein and not brain deposits. So there's not a direct connection to Alzheimer's. However, most experts agree that any beta amyloid protein is bad. So the results of this study are significant.

In this study, the doses of vitamins were: folic acid - 2 mg, vitamin B6 - 25 mg, and vitamin B12 - 400 mcg. The participants took these dosages for two years.

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But protection from Alzheimer's and dementia is only the beginning of the B vitamins' protection. A second study showed that low levels of vitamins B12 and folate are associated with a higher risk of stroke. In fact, if you are low in both, your risk doubles.

Any way you slice it, there are good reasons to routinely take B-vitamin supplements, especially if you're over 50 years old. As we age, our ability to absorb these vitamins wanes. And with the decreasing richness of our soils, vitamin/mineral supplements can fill in gaps. You will find enough of each of these B vitamins in Advanced Bionutritionals' Healthy Resolve .

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

"B-vitamins reduce plasma levels of beta amyloid," Flicker L, Martins RN, et al, Neurobiol Aging, 2008; 29(2): 303-5.

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