January 21, 2009

Simple drink from your grocery store drops cholesterol by 9%

With the high-cholesterol "disease" mania infecting the world, you may have missed an amazing breakthrough that made news in recent weeks. I doubt you heard about it. But you should have, because this discovery shows how you can lower your cholesterol by 9% painlessly.

A new study found that black tea has plant chemicals that reduce inflammation and protect your cells. These are the same chemicals that protect the plant leaf from harmful rays of the sun. And they can protect your heart in several different ways.

Actually, the researchers conducted this study on black tea extract to be exact. They conducted a three-month, randomized, placebo-controlled study. In this study, they compared black tea extract (333 mg) to a placebo. The extract significantly reduced total cholesterol by 9%.

But it gets better. The extract also dropped LDL cholesterol by 12%. And body fat and triglycerides fell significantly as well.

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It's not just the extract that will do all this. We also know that taking tea supplements and drinking tea will have a similar effect. I formulated Advanced Cholesterol Formula to take advantage of the wonders of tea for this very reason.

I still prefer green tea to black tea, largely because there's less oxidation of the phytochemicals in green tea. But both are excellent drinks. If you love black tea, don't hesitate to drink all you want. Just be sure that the tea you drink is organic.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: "Antihypercholesterolemic effect of Chinese black tea extract in human subjects with borderline hypercholesterolemia," Fujita H, Yamagami T, et al, Nutrition Research, 2008; 28(7): 450-456.

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