December 26, 2008

Reverse eczema and asthma with fat

If you have eczema, you know how frustrating this problem is. It comes with dry, cracked, or thickened skin and the most difficult skin sensation to control - itching. But there's great news: Taking a simple fatty acid can control, if not completely reverse your problem.

Medical doctors usually treat the symptoms - inflammation and itching - with drugs, such as topical steroids. These are not without risk. They can promote Candida, infection, and permanently thin your skin via damage to underlying connective tissue. Recent studies show you can control eczema without these drugs.

The study strongly suggests that certain essential fatty acids (EFA) play a pivotal role.

Linoleic acid is an omega-6 EFA. Your body must metabolize it into more mature fatty acids. Then these modulate the immune system and reduce inflammation. Several studies have demonstrated that children who develop eczema have lower levels of GLA. Your body makes GLA from LA. Then your body converts GLA into a wonderful array of prostaglandins. These are hormones that reduce inflammation.

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However, many people have a slow enzyme converting LA to GLA. Studies show that newborns with lower levels of GLA-like compounds in their umbilical cord, or born of mothers with lower levels of these compounds in their breast milk, have a higher risk of developing eczema.

If you suffer from eczema (or asthma - which is also caused by this same problem), I suggest you try eating foods high in GLA. It's found in nature in borage oil and evening primrose oil. Consider taking capsules of GLA from either of these two products. You can buy both of these at any health food store and in many grocery stores. The fatty acid capsules that come with Advanced Bionutritionals Healthy Resolve contains both LA and GLA. Taking two, twice daily may help reduce the symptoms of inflammation in your skin, as well as your lungs and other parts of your body.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol. 77, no. 4, 943-951, April 2003.

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