December 12, 2008

The "obvious" supplement most diabetics overlook

If you're overweight or have metabolic syndrome or diabetes, you're probably taking a lot of supplements. But you may be overlooking one obvious supplement that can really help.

In a recent study, researchers followed 18 people with metabolic syndrome. They compared these to 30 controls. Those with metabolic syndrome had higher levels of oxidative stress, which isn't surprising. We've known this for some time. The problem is in reversing it.

Then the researchers gave the participants a flow mediated dilation test. The researchers temporarily induced ischemia. That means they cut off circulation, possibly with a blood pressure cuff. Then they release it. The normal response is for your arteries to dilate. That makes up for the ischemia.

Those vessels in people with metabolic syndrome had a more difficult time dilating than the controls.

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Then the researchers gave the metabolic syndrome patients only one gram of vitamin C through an IV. Both the oxidative stress and the dilation improved. The placebo infusion didn't help at all. Furthermore, the placebo itself actually increased oxidative stress. Vitamin C counteracted that. The placebo could be any food of empty calories you might eat, such as sugar.

While the researchers conducted this study with IV vitamin C, they used only one gram. Your body can easily absorb that much vitamin C by oral supplement. Were we talking about 35 or more grams, like what we use for infection or cancer, you couldn't get that from oral use. But you can get plenty simply by taking three to nine grams of vitamin C by mouth every day.

If you have a weight problem, metabolic syndrome, or diabetes, I strongly recommend you add this much vitamin C to your supplemental program. It will help a number of other health problems as well.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: "Oxidative stress-mediated arterial dysfunction in patients with metabolic syndrome: Effect of ascorbic acid," Cangemi R, Angelico F, et al, Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 2007; 43(5): 853-859.

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