December 5, 2008

Powerful nutrient stops
Alzheimer's before it starts

Hardly a week goes by without some major news story about Alzheimer's disease. And it's rarely on a positive note. Alzheimer's is one disease you never want to get. It's nearly impossible to treat. But scientists have discovered an incredible property in one of my favorite nutrients that can fight Alzheimer's.

Researchers at the UCLA and Mt. Sinai Schools of Medicine have just released information on how resveratrol can protect you. David Teplow is a UCLA professor of neurology. His team has been studying beta amyloid. These are the proteins that build up in Alzheimer's affected brains.

The researchers found that polyphenols from red wine blocked precursor proteins from sticking together to form the toxic beta amyloid protein. But it gets better. The scientists found that the polyphenols decreased the ability of the beta amyloid protein to damage neurons. But this worked only when they treated the neurons before the toxic stuff hit the neurons.

Dr. Teplow said, "If the beta amyloid proteins can't assemble, toxic aggregates can't form, and thus there is no toxicity. Our work in the laboratory, and Mt. Sinai's Dr. Giulio Pasinetti's work in mice, suggest that administration of the compound to Alzheimer's patients might block the development of these toxic aggregates, prevent disease development, and also ameliorate existing disease."

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This is exciting news. I've been a fan of resveratrol for years. It's a polyphenol in grapes. I've also told you about Seanol, found in Fibroboost. It's another polyphenol from a seaweed. And it has been found to improve memory performance in animals. I can't tell you which of the polyphenol products, resveratrol or Seanol (Fibroboost), is superior. It would take expensive studies that we will likely never see, especially since these are nutrients. However, I suggest to most all of my patients to take one or the other of these as part of their regular routine. As good as my diet is, I regularly take one of these.

You also need to make sure you get plenty of polyphenols from your diet. You'll find them in colorful veggies. Always make your diet your number one method of prevention. And consider topping it off with resveratrol or Fibroboost. Your brain, heart, arteries and other organs will thank you. You can order both resveratrol and Fibroboost from Advanced Bionutritionals.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: UCLA newsroom 11/20/08; Journal of Biological Chemistry, Nov. 21, 2008.

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