November 21, 2008

The best way to take resveratrol

I'm really hot on resveratrol. It protects against cancer, heart disease, aging, diabetes, and much, much more. Many think the resveratrol in red wine explains the French paradox. That's the observation that many French thrive on a rich diet when their American counterparts drop dead of heart disease. Yes, it could be resveratrol. But do you really want to get your resveratrol in wine? Let's look at cost.

Commercial resveratrol products run a fairly wide range in price. The amount of resveratrol also may vary. But here are some interesting figures. A good estimate of how much resveratrol is in red wine is 1.5-3 mg per liter. Some popular supplement formulas have anywhere from 68-90 times the amount of resveratrol per pill as a glass of wine. So, even to get the low dose of resveratrol found beneficial in studies (200-300 mg per day), you'd need to drink about 1,000 glasses of wine per day. I sure don't want you drinking that much wine.

And cost? You get about five glasses of wine per bottle. And red wine starts at about $5 per bottle and moves up from there. Taking the lower figure, $5 will get you about 1/100th of one resveratrol capsule. So, even if you could down all that wine, you would spend about $500 to get the resveratrol out of wine that you get in one capsule. And one capsule will cost somewhere around 20-40 cents, depending on the vendor and the quality.

I don't know about you, but even if I weren't a teetotaler, I'd stick with the capsules on this one. You don't need to drink any more than one glass of wine a day — and you need a lot more resveratrol than that.

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One of the best resveratrol products on the market is Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Resveratrol Formula. Each daily dose provides 110 mg of resveratrol. They assay every batch. The most recent assay actually showed 121.6 mg of resveratrol. And all of the resveratrol was the superior trans-reservatrol form — not the inferior cis-resveratrol form. If you'd like more information on a fantastic resveratrol product, simply follow this link.

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