November 7, 2008

Why you should take gingko
for more than your brain

You probably already know that gingko biloba is great for your brain. It's one of the nutrients that every dementia patient must take. But now, it turns out, there's another reason to take it.

A recent randomized, placebo-controlled study - the best kind - made the discovery.

In the study, researchers followed 80 patients with coronary disease. They divided the patients into two groups. They gave one group gingko via injection. And the other group they gave a placebo. After treatment, those receiving gingko had significant increases of blood flow in their LAD coronary artery. This is a critical coronary, supplying the most important part of your heart muscle with blood.

They compared the coronary flow to an easy-to-measure test called flow mediated dilation (FMD). This test measures blood flow in the brachial artery of your upper arm. Gingko caused the FMD to improve an impressive 70%. It also correlated well with coronary flow.

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Gingko is not just for your brain. People have used it for centuries to treat circulation. It is simply outstanding for your arterial health all the way around. It's true that this study used an injectable form of gingko. However, I'm very happy with the reports I get back from oral supplement users. I recommend a daily dose of 120-240 mg total divided into two to three doses.

Ref: "Ginkgo biloba extract improves coronary blood flow in patients with coronary artery disease: role of endothelium-dependent vasodilation," Wu Y, Li S, et al, Planta Med, 2007; 73(7): 624-8.

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