October 31, 2008

If you must have chemotherapy,
use this free treatment to stop
the side effects

You may know that I'm not a big fan of chemotherapy in cancer treatment. The side effects are terrible. And many people die from the poison rather than the cancer. Unfortunately, there are times when cancer patients must take chemotherapy. If you're in this position, I have some good news for you. I have a secret that can help protect you from these side effects. It's a secret that doesn't cost a dime, you don't have to see a doctor, and you don't have to take anything.

What could be such a powerful protector without any cost or medical intervention? It's fasting!

That's right! According to a new study, fasting for two days before you have chemo will protect your health cells from the poison.

In the study, researchers starved a line of yeast cells and found them 1,000 times more resistant to oxidative stress or chemotherapy drugs. And they also found that healthy cells starved of nutrients survived the ravages of chemotherapy far better than cancer cells so treated.

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That was in a test tube. What about in animals? Well, the researchers then tried the same thing on living mice. They gave an unusually high dose of etoposide (80 mg/kg) to mice they starved for 48 hours. In humans, that is twice what is considered to be a very high dose of the drug.

The high dose killed 43% of the mice except one that didn't fast. The starved mice all survived and regained their lost weight within four days.

An even higher dose killed all of the well-fed mice from a different genetic strain, but none of the starved mice. And again the mice that fasted regained their weight.

We know that fasting prolongs life. It may be that fasting induces normal cells to go into a hibernation mode. Cancer cells don't have an "off" switch. In the "hibernation mode" the cells' metabolism slows so much that the chemo doesn't do a lot of damage. The cancer cells don't get that protection.

I'll admit fasting isn't pleasant. For some people it's very hard to do. And it can increase nausea in some people. However, these usually are far less severe than the chemo. So if you can do it, fasting might be a terrific way to protect yourself from this toxic drug.

Your oncologist probably doesn't know about this. Even if he does, he's unlikely to make much use of it. Fasting is a time-honored activity for health and spirituality. Here we see it desensitizing normal cells to toxic therapy. Unless you're wasting away from cancer, I see little downside to a one to two day fast prior to chemo. It just might help you keep your hair and protect your organs and bone marrow from the toxicity.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Mar 31.

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