October 22, 2008

Drugs can’t stop Alzheimer’s — but these two nutrients can

I recently told you that inflammation is one cause of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. When the drug companies found this out, their mouths began to water. All of a sudden, they thought they had another market for their expensive painkillers. After all, most painkillers work by controlling inflammation.

Well, a new study shows their drugs do little to boost your brain power. In fact, they may even contribute to the problem — at least a little bit.

In the study, the researchers divided 2,117 people aged 70 or older with a family history of Alzheimer's into three groups. They gave one group Aleve, the second group Celebrex, and the third group a placebo.

The two groups taking either the Celebrex or the placebo didn't experience any benefit. But the group taking the Aleve scored slightly lower on their mental-function tests. The numbers were not significant. But who wants to take anything if it doesn't help?

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I'll admit, it's disappointing that a simple treatment failed. But, as I've mentioned before, there's good news in all of this research. We now know that inflammation does play a role. It's petrochemical pharmaceuticals that don't.

If your memory is faltering, it's not due to a drug deficiency. So avoid anti-inflammatory drugs. They won't solve the problem.

Instead consider tried and true natural treatments for inflammation. Two of the best are curcumin and Seanol (found in the product FibroBoost). In the case of Seanol, there is good evidence that it does protect brain function. You can find curcumin in health food stores. And you can order Seanol-containing FibroBoost from Advanced Bionutritionals. Just follow this link.

Ref: Archives of Neurology, May 2008.

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